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San Francisco Landscapes, through its EATS program, seeks to increase the amount of food grown locally using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods. To that end, SF EATS offers a variety of services to help local homeowners increase the productivity of their land. Our Edible Landscapes Manager, Antonio Roman-Alcalá, will help clients through the process from initial visit to ongoing maintenance.

SF EATS offers a free half hour visit to assess a client’s needs and the potential for edible landscaping at the site. We also offer consultation services for those interested in pursuing edible gardening on their own but wishing for some help and advice in planning, plant selection, and maintenance.

SF EATS will create a design to manifest your edible landscape dreams, from simple drawings to plant lists and planting schedules.

SF EATS is happy to help you maintain the health and productivity of your edible landscape. We offer monthly and yearly contacts for any of our installed landscapes, as well as special rates for fruit tree maintenance.

Antonio Roman-Alcalá is certified as a Permaculture Designer and Teacher, as well as an original co-founder of the Alemany Farm in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood.