• Increase the biodiversity of your garden
  • Grow your own local, organic vegetables
  • Increase productivity of your garden
  • Decrease your carbon footprint

"E.A.T.S." = "Edible and Tasty 'Scapes"

Many different varieties of veggies can be grown all year.

Most “fresh” food travels an average of 1200 miles before it reaches your plate. San Francisco landscapes can help you grow and harvest the freshest, most nutritious organic fruits, vegetables and herbs right from your own backyard!

San Francisco Landscapes, through its E.A.T.S. program, seeks to increase the amount of food grown locally using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods.

SFL E.A.T.S. offers a free half hour visit to assess a client’s needs and the potential for edible landscaping at the site. We also offer consultation services for those interested in pursuing edible gardening on their own but wishing for some help and advice in planning, plant selection, and maintenance. Please contact us for more detailed information about Edible Gardens!

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