Prunella vulgaris


Common Self-heal



Some Facts:

• San Francisco Native but also established all over North America and Asia.

• Grows in moist areas such as grassland, edges of forests, pastures, roadsides and clearings. Does best with full sun to partial shade.

• Can be used as a great alternative to lawn, creating a dense mat with little leaves when mowed regularly and will still flower even when kept very short.

• Can become weedy if not well managed.

• Attracts native butterflies and bees.

• Has been used medicinally by Native American tribes to reduce fevers, heal boils, as mouthwash to cure thrush, sore throats and gum disease and as a tea for diarrhea and internal bleeding.

• Leaves and stems are great in salads! Just be sure not to gather from roadsides because they can absorb a heavy amount of lead and pollutants.