Garrya Elliptica

Garrya elliptica tassels out in the winter.

Garrya elliptica is a stunning evergreen shrub native to California and Oregon's coastal ranges. Garrya's or silk tassels, get their name from the showy catkins that come out in January. These catkins or silk tassels, are gray-green and up to 10 inches long on male plants, and silver-gray and a bit shorter on the female plants. The silk tassels slowly turn gray over time, but can remain on the tree until summer. Garryas are found in several plant communities from coastal chapparal, to mixed evergreen forest, to northern coastal sage scrub. They can tolerate some heavy soils and serpentine areas and prefer a pH of 6-8. They like sun on the coast and part shade more inland, moderate watering, but can be drought tolerant.