Sunset Rain Garden

This garden was created out of the desire to capture and store rain, sustain more biodiversity and reuse and recycle local materials. Where once was a corner lot of lawn, is now growing over twenty different plant species, with more than half local California natives!


Before photo. Existing Camilias were saved.

This picture shows the front berm retained by onsite mined urbanite and a swaled 'dry creek'.

Drought tolerant plants such as Festuca glauca, California poppies and Carex tamuilcola are planted on the berms, while more water tolerant plants such fiber optic grass (Scrirpus cernus), Juncus effusus and Armeria maritima are planted in the swale.

Onsite urbanite and sod composes this retained berm. The sod was sheet-mulched with cardboard and mulch. Small succulents are planted between the urbanite.

Flow was created by the pebbles. The stones were set and secured in a permeable grout.

After. Garden is providing food, water and shelter for many beneficial insects and birds.