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Spring for Sunchokes

by Sara Mossman

Here at San Francisco Landscapes, we’re still harvesting plenty of winter’s sunchokes from our E.A.T.S. member gardens. Also known as Jerusalum Artichokes, these sunflower-relatives produce delicious, hearty, and plentiful tubers.


by Ken Litchfield

Are you looking to grow mushrooms, including morels, at home in your garden or rural farm? The simplest, most productive, and lowest in overhead for time, resources, and money are the mulch mushrooms. Some folks may think log-plugging, oysters in wood-shavings bags, or buttons in compost bags are the best route to go, but mulch mushrooms have the edge over all those methods.


Happy Holidays from San Francisco Landscapes!


Contaminating the Gene Pool

by Jake Sigg

Now, this is a roundabout way of getting to the home gardener, which is a lesser concern to me. A home gardener, if he puts a bush monkeyflower from southern California into his home garden on the slopes of Twin Peaks in San Francisco, and they pass into the wild population of bush monkeyflower, may not be so serious for the simple reason that in time whatever genetic pollution there is will probably die out. But on San Bruno Mountain, where you've got massive seed sowing you've got genetic swamping, you've got all these foreign genes that are going to overwhelm the native population.