By Booka Alon

On Feb 2nd, and 9th, in true 'barn-raising' fashion, the Alemany Farm Community in collaboration with many urban farmers and nearby residents all jumped in to refurbish the former hoop house structure into a new productive greenhouse. Volunteers, youth, residents and skilled carpenters came forward to lend their time, energy and tools for this special project. Using lots of re-purposed materials and a shoestring budget, the crew installed a new plastic covering, plumbing, benches, a new door, and windows. The totally transformed greenhouse is a few minor adjustments away from production.

The farm had been previously using the greenhouse at The Free Farm,located at corner lot of Gough and Eddy for their veggie starts. After a season of traveling back and forth, it was clear that Alemany Farm needed its own functional greenhouse. Friends of Alemany Farm members John Stokes and Jason Mark organized and lead the charge, along with San Francisco Housing Authority, the Alemany Residents Council (ARC) to find the necessary funding and supplies to repair the existing structure.

Future operational plans are in the works and farm managers are seeking new dedicated volunteers, preferably with propagation or greenhouse experience. If you would like more information about how you can get involved, please read more about The Friends of Alemany Farm here.


Friends of Alemany Farm volunteer John Stokes cuts wood for propagation tables

Some of the many volunteers who participated in the February 9 work party pose inside the newly completed structure

SF Landscapes crew shows up to pitch in, represented by new staffer Booka Alon and co-owner Brett Stephens

The structure's long side will get plenty of southwest exposure

Brett Stephens of SF Landscapes and Friends of Alemany Farm, with Alice Caruthers from the Alemany Residents Council, youth volunteers Joseph and Johnny


Celebrating a hard day's work, volunteers pause in their afternoon tasks to gather for a delicious BBQ and bask in the warmth of the newly enclosed greenhouse