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San Francisco Landscapes and Construction General & Landscape Contractor  NOW offers home renovation and remodeling in San Francisco



We specialize in native habitat gardens, edible gardens and run a low impact maintenance program, which uses bicycles for transportation.  Our newest partner, Darryl Stephens, provides complete home improvements and construction using techniques such as recycling of construction debris. We offer Greywater systems to help in this time of drought. 


San Francisco Landscapes works with native plants to create beautiful, productive gardens that enhance the ecological diversity of your garden and the urban environment. Inspired by Permaculture principles, our design techniques and practices view the garden landscape as an integrated whole, simultaneously providing for your needs and the needs of the planet. San Francisco Landscapes employs Bay-Friendly techniques such as building soil healthy soil, conserving water and using organic controls for pest management. We are part of the EPA Greenscapes Alliance, the San Francisco Permaculture Guild and the San Francisco Professional Gardeners Association.


San Francisco Landscapes provides the highest quality ecological services in San Francisco.

Our Values include:

  • Resource efficiency and conservation: reusing onsite materials, sourcing materials locally
  • Providing homegrown food for urban residents
  • Promoting biodiversity in the urban setting
  • Creating habitat
  • Providing ongoing ecological education

Let us design for you a truly living outdoor space and enhance your indoor space so that you can enjoy more time with friends and family!